The GATKA GURU SHABAD SYSTEM®, adopted by Internationa Gatka Academy, was developed by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa De Santis, in the spirit of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, with the aim to train, qualify, preserve, certify and update the teachers and their students who are learning and training according to this system. It merges the traditional GATKA with the long lasting experience and skill of Guru Shabad Singh.

Characteristics of the GATKA GURU SHABAD SYSTEM®

  1. The practice is based on the knowledge of the physical principles GATKA originates from.
  2. Progressive teaching levels, to allow a quick and clear understanding.
  3. The practice of fighting based on the total control and effectiveness of the technics.
  4. The practice of GATKA as a research of a succesfull communication in the daily life.
  5. A shared practice and a language, gear and weapons common to all the teachers and their students; a sharing with the whole of mankind without making any distinctions.
  6. The practice based on the control of the power of the five elements and the knowledge related to kundalini yoga that can be used in GATKA.
  7. The practice of GATKA as a dynamic way of meditation for the control of one’s mind.
  8. The knowledge of Ayurveda with a special regard to the marmas in the practice of GATKA.
  9. A support to the opening of new schools in the teacher’s hometown, and the making of associations with the aim to spread GATKA.
  10. The practice of GATKA for the education of the youth and the differently-abled through special programs developed for them.
  11. The research about history of GATKA, its origins, its development and its main figures.

Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa De Santis

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